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Cloud Catcher Kites
The SkyHook tm Modular Kite
David E. Rowe

Tranquility Base
2 to 9 mph winds
Very light pull.
A "Conyne Delta" floats on the softest breeze and can just hang there effortlessly. Sit back, relax, and enjoy what ever catches your eye - or mind. With no wind you can slowly walk this kite down a beach until it is caught by the breezes aloft.

Blithe Spirits
6 to 18 mph winds
Light to heavy pull.
It is our most versatile kite and the most adaptable to the winds - or your spirits. We have as much fun flying this as any of the other kites because it can be flown in five different configurations. It is unique and nothing resembles it on the market.

Donner's Hammer
4 to 14 mph winds
Light to moderate pull.
The classic "Conyne" is unusually stable in the widest range of winds. They go up and stays there. It is simplest and easiest kite configuration and is a perfect introduction to a beginning kite flyer. You won’t even have to stand up to launch this kite!

10 to 18 mph winds
Light pull.
A triangular box kite forms the base for the other kite configurations. When the winds are heavy it can be flown alone. Pay attention during launch, Logi remains surprisingly stable once aloft. Any of our kite packages give you this option.

Sky Lord
5 to 15 mph winds
Light to moderate pull.
All the variations on the "Double Conynes" are easily, and quickly, created by linking two frames to a center panel. They are always awe inspiring. Our conversion kit includes the extra frame, a center panel and reinforced cross spars and extenders. Wotan himself flies these!

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