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Cloud Catcher Kites
The SkyHook tm Modular Kite
David E. Rowe
Our Story

Sloth was the mother of this invention. When I relax, it is on a beach, and even then I need something to do.

Thus the kite.

I made a fabric Conyne kite years ago. It flew, but the effort spent on sewing dampened my desire to build a Conyne Delta and several other variations.

The sewing machine went with a divorce a few years later. My mother replaced it with her old Singer Featherweight. Since my children were living with me (I had lots of time on my hands), I decided to try sewing again.

Holding a piece of ripstop nylon in my hand, and haunted by my earlier efforts to sew the deli-sized sandwiches of double hemmed seams, I thought there had to be an easier way to join the wings to the frame. Moreover, I also wanted to design and build different kites based around the Conyne frame, but I was lazy.

And then the idea.

I do a lot of bicycle riding. After thousands of miles, my feet have remained securely in my bicycle shoes, held only by a few inches of hook and loop strips. Why not apply the same material to a kite and simplify my sewing problems? The SkyHook began to take shape. Walking onto the beach for the first time with a frame and three sets of wings everything worked! Perfectly!

Manufacturing kites is an enormous departure from my profession as a management consultant. I give advice. Never implement it. After days of researching patents, dealing with lawyers, the Patent Office, finding suppliers, making and testing prototypes (while listening to everything from Anonymous to Zoltán Kodály), I began to feel comfortable with the invention.

Cloud Catcher Kites reflects my pursuit for refinements and perfection. For instance, the Spar Adjustment Strips, Spar Tabs, Spar Retainers, and Longeron Closures aren't accidents. They may look simple, but are also elegant solutions to the problems we encountered while designing and testing the SkyHook. Those effort are now yours. I'm proud of the results, and I trust you will be too.

My thanks to: Mom, who gave me much, much more than a sewing machine. Her benediction imbued us with a thirst for ideas and experiences, "stick-to-it-ivness," fearlessness, and the compulsion to use our abilities on everything. Dad, always a tinkerer and an overbearing perfectionist (we are both to be forgiven), lent me his interest, encouragement, and suggestions to keep this project going. My three siblings acted as launch crews, blatant and hostile critics, but offered more help than any friend one could have. And, Tiffany and Nathan, two magnificent children, my constant companions for many years (I now enjoy them more since they left home and on their own, but alas, they are also consultants), for keeping me at home and off the streets, and their forbearance, acceptance, understanding, and love. They also insisted I include this section. Thanks.

New Developments and Upgrades

The SkyHook tm Modular Kite has unlimited possibilities. We are now testing and developing several components that are stunning. We intend to produce and release them in the future to complement your SkyHook. Any new components will be interchangeable with earlier models, just as my son's new Nikon camera lenses mount on my 30 year old Nikon body! We will notify you when they are released, as long as you fill out your registration card.

We are also prepared to custom design the color schemes you choose, such as flags and geometric patterns. Silk screened corporate logos or advertisements can be developed for your specific needs. Again, call us for details.

Happy flying. If you have any questions about our product or upgrades call us. We also welcome any suggestions, ideas, or criticisms. Tell us what you think.

© 1998,1999 Cloud Catcher Kites & Andrew B. Cramer